Preserved Palms, Replica & Fabricated Trees

Our principal company, Preserved TreeScapes International, USA, who is the world leading manufacturer of Inherently Fire Retardant Preserved Palms and Replica & Fabricated trees manufactures with precision that even the trained horticulturist eyes have difficulty differentiating the ‘preserved’ from the live plants in their masterpiece work.

Replica & Fabricated plants and trees are another fast-growing line that is adept at serving the dual purpose of beauty and cost-effectiveness. While both Replica & Fabricated plants and trees have leaves that are made from fabric, the difference between them are that Replica trees have natural trunks, whereas Fabricated trees have trunks and branches made from man-made materials. With fabrics and stems designed to hold up on a commercial level, our Replica & Fabricated plants and trees will embellish your indoor environment.
Available in varying sizes, application for these preserved and replica trees range from a small potted plant to larger lobby space installation. Regardless of the size that best fits your needs, your preserved palms and replica trees will definitely make a large impact with its unmistakable ornamental beauty.



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