Live Indoor Plant Rental

Other than its decorative purposes, live plants also purifies the air from harmful toxins other than just its widely known function of eliminating carbon dioxide and producing oxygen through its photosynthesis process. 
According to a research by NASA on methods of cleansing the atmosphere in future space stations to keep them fit for human habitation, NASA found that many common houseplants fight pollution indoor. Researchers also found that many houseplants absorb benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene as well. These are three of the worst offenders found in relatively new homes and offices. Plants remove significant amounts of harmful gases out of the air through the everyday processes of photosynthesis. Some pollutants are also neutralized in the plant’s soil.
Air, being one of the few important necessities in sustaining life, becomes a very crucial element in our everyday lives. Polluted air could mean a deterioration in our health, focus, and alertness. These are bad news to a company as it will further deteriorate the productivity and performance of employees. So why not let Mother Nature help you in your quest for fresher air? Just a few potted plants in your office would be sufficient to freshen and purify the air, at the same time, decorating your office with some greens. 
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